hotel sales guide

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The Ultimate Hotel Sales Guide  

Gain real-world insights into sales and marketing for hotels from industry leaders and innovators who have helped guide various properties through serious growth and revenue.

This ebook contains 8 in-depth interviews with industry leaders on topics such as how to develop a winning sales team, effective digital marketing strategies, and the importance of reputation management. See how their respective hotels have leveraged technology and hotel operations best practices to elevate the client experience and increase growth and revenue.

Key topics we covered in this eBook:

  • Revenue management: Key strategies and the relationship revenue management plays to sales
  • Technology: What is used to be, what it is now, and how it is progressing
  • Business development: Prospecting and sales 101
  • Branding: Know who you are, know who your competitors are, and how to differentiate
  • Marketing: PPC/ROAS/Adwords? Get the know how on modern day lead generation
  • Sales strategies: Corporate and group rates and finding your balance
  • The industry at large: The influence of millennials and the future of hospitality